Sebastian Charter Junior High (SCJH) provides students the core subjects of reading, math, language arts, science, and social studies augmented with an emphasis on character development, study skills and physical education instruction. 

In addition to the emphasis on the Florida State Standards and preparation for the FSA and FCAT tests in their core classes, SCJH's study skills teaches students how to take tests, organize, complete outlines, write reports, study for tests and other important skills that students need to be successful in high school and college.

SCJH understand that students learn in different ways and at different levels. Our school uses the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM); a research-based approach that is utilized through out the school to enhance educational opportunities for students. All students are given instruction in the sentence writing strategy to teach and/or reinforce writing skills. Reading strategies are utilized with certain student populations that have been identified as needing intense instruction, such as as exceptional students and students scoring a Levels 1 or 2 on the FSA. All teachers are trained in Content Enhancement Routines, which are an integral part of SIM. These routines are research-based ways for teachers to do planning and/or present materials so students can benefit more from the instructor.

In addition to our excellent academic programs students are given opportunities to become involved in the school community with After School Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Arts Club
  • Library and Book Battle Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Drama
  • ELA Tutoring
  • Intramurals
  • Lego Robotics Club
  • Marine Biology Club
  • Math Tutoring
  • Mighty Mu Math Club
  • National Junior Honors Society
  • Newspaper
  • Science Fair Help
  • Science Tutoring
  • Study Hall
  • Yearbook
For more information please call 772-388-8838