Why Choose SCJH?

That's a good question. Our answer is that the faculty, staff, volunteers, parents, and students believe that Sebastian Charter is a great choice for all students and for different reasons. Recently, a current student wrote an essay for his class which outlined reasons why SCJH was a great school to choose. His essay is below along with a creative video made by the students Digital Media Production Club. Take a minute or two to hear and see how our students feel about our school.

Brandon Stubblefield





            After you graduate from 5th grade, you are left with many choices to make about which middle school to go too. Luckily, there’s a perfect school for everyone and SCJH might be the one for you. There are many likable qualities in this school that could be just what you are looking for in a middle school. Allow me to tell you what they are.

            First of all, the school is a very small and nice sized school. According to google maps, the school is located on 782 Wave street, Sebastian, FL. It consists of 286 students as of the 2015-2016 school year, according to the school’s website, (http://scjh.org/home). Thanks to the little amount of students at SCJH, the school is well managed. The school also strives to stop bullying, which really ends up happening thanks to the little amount of kids at the school. All of the students attending SCJH are well behaved, intelligent students. If you’re someone that gets picked on a lot, then this school is good for you. Also, since there are not many kids, the campus is smaller, allowing you to never get lost in the hallways. This allows you to get a significant amount of time to get to your locker and get to your next class. All of the students are all making this school a great place to be at for middle school.

            The next great thing is that the school has a high rating. For the last 7 out of 9 years, the school has been an A rated school. The kids at the school have good behavior and are very intelligent, making this statement possible. If these students didn’t have such high academics and good behavior, it wouldn’t be rated so high. In fact, many students get AB and A honor roll. Due to this, the school rewards them with a special ceremony every 9 weeks of school. The ceremony gives the students the chance to walk down a red carpet and receive a certificate for their achievements. They also get a pin and 2 dress down passes which allow the students to dress down on a day of their choice.Also, the encouragement teachers give really makes the students want to get good grades.

            One more reason why this school is so good is thanks to the teachers. They focus on each student individually and care about how each one is doing in the subject. They encourage each student to do their best. One of the teachers that helps out all of her students is Coach Gunkel who is the teacher of the year in the 2015-2016 school year, according to the school website (http://scjh.org/home). They wouldn’t have picked her for the teacher of the year award if she didn’t care about her students and didn’t show respect to them.Without SCJH’s teachers, the school wouldn’t be where it is now.

            In the end, SCJH is a great school to go to and many students are glad they chose to come here. All of the students and teachers help SCJH one of the best middle schools you can go to. They also keep it an A rated school. In all, the staff and everyone else at SCJH would love to have you enroll in the next school year coming up. You won't regret it!

SCJH Digital Media Production Club Video

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