Study Island Blue Ribbons Access

Starting from the Summer Release of July 17th, previous blue ribbons had to be removed in order to support the new "Best Score" grading criterion. However, your students' previous progress is still accessible through the reports page on both the teacher and students account. All the students have to do to see their previous sessions is follow the instructions below. 

1. Log into their account 
2. Go to the "My Reports" tab to access the Reports Page 
3. Go to the "Individual Summary Report Page" 
4. Select the program and subject that they were working in 
5. When you click on View Report, go to the top right corner where there should be a "Report Period" option under Report Filters 
6. Select a time period before the Summer Release 
7. When you click on "Update", it will take your students to their previous progress 
8. Since prior to the Summer Release blue ribbons were cumulative with a typical passing goal of at least 10 questions answered and a 70% passing rate, they will simply check to see which topics met that goal under the "Cumulative Scoring" column. 
9. When they select "View Sessions", they will see the topic's passing goal requirements as well as when they completed the individual sessions. 

Please note that even after the Summer Release the "Cumulative Scoring" column has not been removed. So if you still wanted to use the cumulative scoring criterion from before the Summer Release, you still have access to this data. However, your students will now just see their "Best Score" right after they complete a session. 

Introducing Best Score: 

Research shows that students are more successful when they track their own learning. Based on feedback from our customers and the evolution of how they use Study Island today, we're surfacing something even more meaningful—best score and a total number of attempts. 

Now, students will be asked to complete a standardized 10-question practice session every time to demonstrate mastery and earn their Blue Ribbon. As students work through their session, they will have the option to save their work and return to that same 10-question session, beginning just where they left off without skipping a beat. When a session is completed, students will see their best score and number of attempts on that topic. Similarly, educators will also see their student's highest scores but can continue to access cumulative scores as needed.