6th Grade Character Development
Welcome to 6th Grade Character Development.  I'm Mr. Ingui and it is my pleasure being your child's teacher this year.  This was home to my son, Thomas, for his grade 6-8 JHS experience.  He now attends Stetson University and always lets me know that I have to say "Good luck everyone...you're in the right place at SCJH." 


  • The Character Development program at SCJH is a vital part of our curriculum.  The model employed is based on six “Character Pillars.” The pillars are learned, practiced and carried out throughout the school day and are encouraged to be utilized at home. 
  • Character Development is an ongoing process and one that encompasses a life-long journey. 
  • In order for students to be successful in the academic setting and beyond, they must first be educated about Character Development, feel comfortable developing their own character, and be able to function in a system that models positive and mindful behavior as a pathway to success both at school and into their daily lives with their family and with people in the community.
  • Over the course of a school year, the students are also taught specific learning strategies that are employed across all course-work they pursue.  

                 > In Character Development, students learn the "PIRATES" Test-
                     taking strategy, which is a proven method to enhance results and
                     lower anxiety on assessments and when being tested.
                 Note-taking and listening skills and study skills will help students
                    with the every day task of being in class and completing assignments
                     in a timely and understandable way.
                 > Our "Anti-Bullying" component  will help round out what is learned
                     through this course in Character Development.

The class meets 2 or 3 days each week, on an "A" and "B" Day schedule, alternating with Physical Education.

 Eagle ScoutBill at 2Bill w Mom
Who and what can influence a person's character? 
(L to R) Mr. Ingui as Eagle Scout, with sister and Mom at age 2

Mother TeresaMeeting with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India (1983)