7th Grade Critical Thinking
Welcome to 7th Grade Critical Thinking.  

The Critical Thinking course will be running back-to-back with 7th Grade Civics course for Periods 4 and 5, with LUNCH between both classes.  

Per 4

Pre-lunch Class Critical Thinking / Civics

Block Scheduled - Civics and Critical Thinking will share a back-to-back block of time. Depending on the lesson plan and need for time, the two classes can be blended into a single day of Civics and another single day of Critical Thinking

LUNCH follows the Per. 4 block (while Gr 6 and 8 have lunch) and is shared with the 5th Grade class.

Per 4
(after full period)


Lunch (yum)

Per 5

Post-lunch Class Critical Thinking / Civics

In the Critical Thinking course, reading will be taken to a new level of close reading and analysis.  We all read, especially the student in a junior high school.  It can be a sign on the road as you walk or drive by, a book or magazine, the Internet, the newspaper , a great recipe for your favorite cookies, and especially course content in all of your subjects throughout the day.  In this CRITICAL THINKING course you will draw on closer / deeper reading skills.