Class Description

SCJH's Physical Education program contributes to the education of the every student as a whole. The uniqueness of each student is recognized and the program provides many opportunities for each student to be successful. Although competition is just ONE aspect of Physical Education, Self-improvement is most important and will be stressed everyday on and off the field. Every student is encouraged to try his or her best and develop personal abilities. Self-improvement will never go unnoticed.

            The above are achieved through instruction during a structured exercise period using various techniques to improve physical fitness and motor skills. Great organization and lead-up games to team and individual sports help to improve basic skills and increase student knowledge of coordination, poise and confidence. The program involves activities that will promote physical and social development, leadership, knowledge of rules, implementation of strategies, and sense of fair play. The students are encouraged to use sensible caution when engaging in physical activity, thus teaching the importance of risk and safety skills.

            Physical Education here at SCJH, is not just about learning how to become physically fit for a lifetime, but it also helps build character. The goal this year is for students to develop Self-Efficacy- the belief in one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals. By the end of the year, we want students to believe in their own personal abilities on and off the field.

            Above all else, we strive to have all students become interested in becoming physically fit in today’s sedentary world.