Class Rules

Physical Education Class RULES

  • Every student will extend to every other student absolute RESPECT
  • Horseplay outside or inside the classroom will not be tolerated
  • On PE days, students are to be dressed appropriately with the required attire
  • Restroom breaks should be taken before or after class. Restroom breaks taken during class, creates distractions and takes away from learning opportunities
  • NOTHING is permitted in the student’s mouth (gum, candy, etc.) during PE class. Unless prescribed by a Medical Doctor and a note is provided
  • The class binder must ALWAYS be brought to PE class. The teacher will inform students when other materials are needed for the next PE day
  • Students must have a written excuse including a reason and a phone number to be excused from PE. If the student is to miss more than one week of PE, a doctor’s excuse will be required
  • Students should always be in the designated class meeting area ON TIME meaning BY THE BELL