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This is why we call him "Coach" Concillio

Edited by: Fiona Kessler, 8th Grader, SCJH Gazette


The Alumni Association of Bossier High School, Bossier City, LA, will be inducting our very own, Coach Concillio, into their Hall of Fame. Coach will qualify for both the Regular and Spirit recognition categories.

Coach Concillio served as Principal of Bossier High School for six years beginning in 1991.   During his tenure, the school received a visit from the National Blue Ribbon School Committee. Average English ACT scores had improved to 26 and all seniors were encouraged to participate. As well, the school developed a “family” environment that resulted in better attendance and less vandalism, fights, or drugs.

For the three years that Coach Concillio was head football coach and athletic director, the school instituted a lettering system that rewarded time involved on a sports team, rather than the amount of time played. In lieu of individual rewards, team accomplishments were recognized.  

Concillio inherited a football program that for ten years had not competed in state playoffs. In previous years they had won only six games, and in two of them they did not win a single game. During the the three years that Concillio was head football coach,  the school’s record improved to 19-13, and won two district championships.  Bossier High School football team appeared in the National High School Federation Record Book for “the second most rushing plays in a single game,” 74. Concillio served as “District Coach of the Year” for two years and he came in 4th place for “State Coach of the Year”.

At Coach Concillio’s alma mater,  Northwestern State University.A 50 year reunion will be held in conjunction with a “Homecoming” for the 1966 undefeated football team in which Coach played. His team was ranked #1 nationally for NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics- NCAA Division I AA today). Coach was fortunate enough to be a starting rover-back on the team. Congratulations to to Coach Concillio! We are proud to have him here at Sebastian Charter Junior High!

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Mrs. Brako's Story

New Teacher Biography Series

Written By: Katie Gowin and Amelia Marshall

Editor: Amelia Marhsall

Sebastian Charter Junior high started the year with a new science teacher, Mrs. Christina Brako. Prior to teaching at SCJH, Mrs. Brako taught at Crestwood Middle School for five years, and at Washington High School for four years. Both schools are located in Maryland. Mrs. Brako’s first teaching job was at an aquarium, where students could learn about the oceans, as well as the variety of creatures living in the local waters.

Mrs Brako was born in Pennsylvania. She relocated to our area because her family inherited a piece of land in Fellsmere. While Mrs. Brako was investigating nearby schools in which to work as a Science Teacher, she fell in love with Sebastian Charter Junior High. Mrs. Brako loves that the students are well-organized and they are dedicated to learning. Mrs. Brako also loves that the teachers and staff care a great deal about all of the students that attend our school.

Mrs. Brako started the school year with one academic goal: to host a successful science fair. This year’s science fair was an exciting event and a great success. Students, teachers, and judges alike were impressed with the outcome of many weeks of research and development.

Mrs. Brako’s hobbies include spending time at the beach and exploring new surroundings. She also loves marine biology. Mrs. Brako lives with her husband and their siamese cat, Winston. Mrs. Brako enjoys her family and is especially proud of her grandfathers, both of whom served in the armed forces.

Mr. Nolan Becomes Principal
By: Katie Gowin and Fiona Kessler

Editor: Amelia Marshall

Recently, Mr.Nolan began his first year as principal of SCJH. “I’m very excited, working with the students and watching them grow as individuals”, Mr.Nolan expressed in the interview.  Mr. Nolan especially enjoys that as Principal of SCJH, he knows all of the students’ names and at least one thing about them. “I plan to stay in this position as long as I can and to continue to serve the students and families of our community in any way that I can.” Mr. Nolan loves the atmosphere of the school. “Great school, great students and fantastic parents,” added Mr. Nolan. One of the different techniques that he is using this year is changing the morning announcements. For example, there’s a daily trivia to encourage students to test their knowledge in Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies, and several other fun trivia topics. In addition, Mr. Nolan worked with the teachers to add some new after school activities, including academic tutoring almost everyday and Music and Arts/Craft Club. The chromebooks have a different system than last year also with SCJH students being assigned a single chromebook number for every class. Many of the classrooms have their own chromebook cart with about 24-26 chromebooks. Mr. Nolan is very enthusiastic about the future of Sebastian Charter Junior High.

New Teacher Biography Series

Written by Kennedy Green and Katie Gowin

Editor: Amelia Marshall

Sebastian Charter Junior High’s own Mrs. Ellie Riga is new to the school as a seventh and eighth grade ELA teacher. Mrs. Riga has been teaching for the past twenty-five years, beginning with grade one, and eventually teaching all grade levels over the years. Mrs. Riga taught in elementary school for fourteen years. Wanting a new challenge,she moved onto higher grades. Before becoming a teacher, Mrs. Riga was a stay-at-home mom, though she frequently helped at her kids´ schools. Mrs. Riga lived in Bergen County, New Jersey  for her entire life, before moving to Florida. She earned her Masters Degree at William Paterson University, located in New Jersey. Mrs. Riga wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a child, always wanting to play school and to be the teacher. Some of her favorite things about teaching at SCJH are how all the teachers and students know and care for each other, and how SCJH is academically superior to many of the other schools she has taught at. Mrs. Riga is married, with two children, one step-child, many nieces and nephews, and many other close relatives. The majority of her time is spent with family, and her favorite time is the holidays, which are also spent with family.


Dear SCJH Families,

As the new Principal of Sebastian Charter Junior High School, I want to formally welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year! I am eagerly anticipating a successful and rewarding year, and I look forward to working with our dedicated parents, students, staff and the community to provide an exceptional educational experience for all SCJH families.

Nearly 20 years ago, SCJH was established by a group of parents just like you. They desired a small-school environment for their children that was both family-oriented and community-based, while also emphasizing their student’s academic growth and character development. While the school has undergone many changes, such as a beautiful new building with Chromebook carts, SmartBoards, and audio enhancement systems in every classroom, we still share and stress the same values and core beliefs today. As Principal, I personally know each and every student in the school, and speaking for the entire staff here at SCJH, we are concerned with the whole well-being of your child, not just their standardized test scores.

In conclusion, I wish you all a wonderful school year. If I can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact me at anytime and please know that my door is always open. I can be reached at mnolan@scjh.org or via phone at 772-388-8838. I am honored to serve as YOUR Principal.

Principal Marvel Nolan

COngratulations to ms.forbes, our 2016-2017 teacher of the year!